Members of the STEAM Language, Learning, and Identity Research Lab including Dr. Shakhnoza Kayumova, Nicole Butts, Charlemya Erasme, and Suzanne Cardello recently visited the Girls’ STEM Club. Dr. Shakhnoza Kayumova, along with our project manager Kym Welty, and STEM teacher Jamie McDonald collaborated to organize this visit between university STEM professors, students, and local schools to foster interest in STEM subjects through hands-on activities.


The team spoke with students about engineering and bioengineering and the diverse professions these disciplines encompass. In the context of a discussion about organisms and their ecosystems, the girls then built Bristlebots, a simple robot composed of the head of a toothbrush propelled by the kinetic energy of a small vibrating motor (like the kind that makes a cell phone vibrate!). The girls enjoyed learning about engineering (open and closed circuits) and design concepts as they worked with the team to construct their own beautiful creations to take home and share with their families.